These are among the most loved birds - the common songbirds and corvids that visit our gardens, our feeders, who can be found in woodland, pastoral or marshland settings. These are the birds who make melodious music, sing familiar songs and sometimes make shrilly or cacophonous calls. They come in assorted colors, various sizes and have a diverse range of personalities.
I have taken most of these photos on and around my property. These are all pretty common birds - from cardinals, blue jays, chickadees and woodpeckers to wrens, sparrows, finches and mockingbirds, and have been a joy to photograph.
American CrowBlue JayBlue JayBlue-Gray GnatcatcherBrown ThrasherBrown-Headed CowbirdCarolina ChickadeeCarolina ChickadeeCarolina ChickadeeCarolina ChickadeeCarolina WrenCarolina WrenCarolina WrenCommon GrackleCommon GrackleCommon GrackleCommon GrackleCommon GrackleDark-Eyed JuncoDark-Eyed Junco